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13 September 2017


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A nation can survive its fools, even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within...for the traitor appears not to be a traitor....he rots the soul of a nation...he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist - Marcus Tullius Cicero

I was impressed with Sir Mekere Morauta being flanked by Finchafen MP Hon Paita and Wabag MP, Dr Lino Tom in the photo shared by Moni Pes this morning on twitter.

I am proud they both seem to know some Engan teachings –
That you learn from the elders, they’ve been there before you

That you stand on the ground firmly like a tree.

Never rush, a new dawn always breaks.

People will respect you for who you are than who you pretend to be.

Hon Paita is from Niugu village in Laiagam district in Enga province from where Madang Governor Peter Yama’s mother is from. His PANGU Party leader, Sam Basil abandoned him to join government.

Dr Lino is of course the newly elected member for Wabag, the only MP from the province to be in the opposition.

Sam Basil is not the Jesus that PNGians and friends outside thought. He is, after all, human and a bloody politician in an underdeveloped banana republic.

I remember his big mouth in Kundiawa, "Pangu bai kilim PNC na Oneill. Displa lain em ol corrupt lain. Ol bagarapim mama graun blong yumi."

["Pangu will overwhelm PNG and O'Neill. This party is a corrupt party. It is destroying our country."]

Basil, yu sanap antap long graun blong Iambakey Okuk, Nilkare na Kerenga Kua na yu pairap.

You will go down in history as the most disliked politician ever.

As an expression, "if truth be told", a fondest wish is in being able to trust another person, and another and so on, thus is opposed diametrically to deceipt.

If truth be told, much of PNG 'clan' based societies has at its essence such trust, despite petty theft being a tedious shortcoming.

Of unworthiness of trust, outflanking manoeuvres and other acts of deliberate subterfuge are not merely incidental, but actually a violence that peaks as warring.

If truth be told, there are 'rules' of war and manners in engaging violence, thus expectancy that extremity is at hand, tangible, present unceasingly, without redemption until perhaps, commonality is conjoined in pacification. Whither poses of Pangu?

Pangu-thirteen pranksters may think their choice of road is just muddy or a bog, yet if truth be told, they have now to regain traces of solid trust, a founding for venture on a perilous road, a pitch of peace not warranted by their voiced duplicity, or wither.

Sam Basil let the supporters of Pangu down for his own selfish interest. In 2022, what rhetoric and propaganda will he and others use to get support from the people to get elected.

In the current political climate, the move by Sam Basil and company may be justified. It feels absolutely debilitating to be on the outside of the fence. We are not a democracy anymore. That point needs to be heard and seen by our friends and partners from afar!

Can someone in the know tell us whether the money paid to Papuan landowners was from LNG revenue or was it from the K100 million the Bank of PNG printed in its 100 day economic recovery marathon?

Daniel, I am trying to find out if LNG revenue has ever benefited the land owners. When was the Papuan land owners been paid and have the Southern Highlands land owners been paid too?

The recent first K15 million LNG royalty payments to Papuan landowners has got something to do with the move by Sam Basil and his 12 Pangu MPs to government.

The K3 billion UBS loan repayment must be complete and income will now be available for government spending every which way it wants.

The relentless march of venal kleptocracy continues apace and just puts back the day of reckoning even further. Now it looks like yet another lot of non-renewables will be exploited for the benefit of the few and to the detriment of the long suffering many. What a shame and an indictment on all who have had anything to do with the catastrophe

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