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13 August 2017


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As person lone to be a writer one day, I feel obliged in reading your work. I prayer God will help me know the mechanics of writing and I will do one.

Poro: This is an excellent piece: I see a new 'career' for you as a socio-political essayist a la the likes of PJ O'Rourke - acknowledging, of course, that you already do so via your poetry.

I remember well the heady days of the late '60s and early '70s when angry young men (and, regrettably, they were mostly men) like John Kasaipwalova et al fostered the flowering of PNG literature - a legacy that the likes of you, Rashmii Bell, Marlene Potoura, Baka Bina, Daniel Kombon, Francis Nii et al are now nurturing.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your wisdom.

I am excited to hear about the mention in your novel and look forward to buying a copy.

Michael, may wings mercurial speed your message of tasteless generational monomorphism and geo-mismeasure.

Thanks for this Michael.

The sad fact is, we must live with some truths and perceptions about us. What our ancestors did, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill or the government does, civil servants do or the behaviour of our people, reflects on the whole country.

The cover girl on my new book just published ‘Survivor: Alive in Mum’s Loving Arms’ is part Samoan and part PNG. Her late father was from Enga province.

The book is her story – how she survived a massacre. The sad facts surrounding the deaths of her parents or how our recent national elections was conducted reflects on the whole country. That is the truth.

Writers are recorders of history. Every piece of writing is a draft copy of a family, village, district or a province. But in actual fact it is the over-all history of the whole country.

I would urge writers to keep writing, enter the lucrative Crocodile Prize competition on offer and record history.

Your writing will definitely end up in a library like Ulli Beier's 'Voices of Independence' for future generations to reflect back on.

And Michael, I mentioned your name in my new book somewhere. The Old Man in one of the stories sits reading a book of poetry by you.

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