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08 August 2017


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Hi John,

what do you think Mugabe and O'Neill were actually discussing during the Zimbabwean dictator's visit?

It sure wasn't the weather.

Yes they have done it cleverly so that media has been either gagged or controlled, while those who appear to have some constructive criticisms have found themselves in hot water, including some losing their jobs.

We are forging a hybrid of democracy that will mature into something else that we do not know yet, but we think we already where we are heading.

Hope, nonetheless, is in another perspective viewed from a more fully staffed set of seats on the 'opposite side' of the Haus.

Much as elected Members of Parliament tried in these past forty years, to forge alliances of sufficient size, steadfastness and resolve to present prospective as 'alternative government', perhaps the current Alliance will prove worthy of the term 'Opposition' and garner respect of the public and of the presiding MPs draped in mantle of Government.

John calls on the PNG public, as least for concerned citizens, to rise out of complacency, to support the change that now looks so promising. What better times and tools are in the hands of PNG folk. Main-media seems to have made a mediocre meal of the election, and while others were adding taste (and some with haste), life-sustaining nutrition is everywhere abundant and for sharing as 'food for thought', the food most sought.

Growing confidence shows in (national) teamwork such as among the PNG Hunters. Parliamentarians, chew on it!

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