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04 August 2017


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‘At whose door will history leave the blame for the helpless, hopeless fix we are left in – rotting with disease and told to take it easy?’ General, Sir Ian Hamilton, diary entry, Gallipoli, October 7, 1915 taken from Readers Digest April 2015 special 100 years Gallipoli anniversary issue.

Valid points raised by John and Lindsay. One can contribute his or her part and hope everyone else in the public service are doing their part too.

MTDP 3 is been formulated with wealth creation as the main focus. Let's just hope political agenda doesn't override it.

In development of the agenda termed 'Alotau Accord II' what contribution was asked of women, what contribution came from women, what component conveys consideration and service delivery that honours and helps women, what transparency in wrapped 'de plume' (Alotau Advert too) on a political deal that enshrines, ensures, entrenches bigmanism by project pocketing of pollies (Acquittal Actuarially too?)...what answers from public servants?

What intention in having 'sworn an oath to serve the government of the day' and what intention was put in the words so framed for swearing, and what measure of such words with respect to the agendas termed 'constitution' and 'organic law'?

Questions above in no way detract from timely and appropriate call made by Jordan and as such by all those public servants for whom their sense of participation and actual effect is contributory, positively to the Independent State of PNG. Let cheer have fullness. Let courage too embolden and embellish enterprise delivering service to the public, lawfully and in accordance with 'constitution' and 'organic law' but also let lawlessness evince question not quietude.

Top public servants need to advise the government of the day to come up with "fragmatic" and "practical" policies backed by real resource support.

We need to move on with very critical areas of both the social and economic sector.

But if members of the current government or any government are in there to only get from the system and the country, we can hope to wait for another 50 to 100 years for real positive change to sweep over this country.

Until we really we what really constitute Alotau Accord 2, I cannot really say anything on it! Hopefully that it will include some of the most pressing development and nation building issues and needs that are facing the country right now.

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