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16 July 2017


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When Australia becomes a republic some real class acts and candidates for head of state include Clive Palmer, Nathan Tinkler or Ross Lightfoot the erstwhile paramour of our foreign minister.

Any one of this trio would usurp Sir Les Patterson.

At least PNG has a culture.

Australian culture mirrors the US with a miasmatic worship of materialism, profit and greed, which is reflected by the incumbent president.

Our national dish is barbecue sauce and the emu and kangaroo should be replaced by a whipper snipper and chain saw.

Good historical article Rowan but seriously, have you effectively answered your own question?

I don't think Australians think the worst about PNG. I just think Australians don't think about PNG much at all.

With respect, it's been mostly the fault of journalists who report on the dramatic and sensational and fail to do the PNG people true justice. Your article effectively does cover why things have gone the way they have but leaves a gap as to why?

Successive Australian governments have been asleep at the wheel when it comes to our nearest neighbour. Not only do they not want to know but have actively washed their hands of any possible help for those who do care and have been trying to make a difference over the last 42 years.

What would be far more effective would be a number of hard hitting articles in the Australian media on two fronts.

Firstly, why the Australian government is so intransigent and stubbornly refuses to provide effective support to those who want to turn things around in PNG?

Secondly, to effectively examine and follow up on all those who have corrupted and broken PNG laws and yet continue to prosper at the expense of the vast majority of PNG people.

I know that may not sell newspapers in the first instance, but dig a little deeper and the media will hit a gold mine of juicy bits of information. Who knows what might be revealed?

Why the mind and imagination boggles at what is currently known and proven yet for some reason (reason?), steadfastly refuses to be openly accepted by the Australian government. It can't all be because of the stupidity in applying common sense to the Manus problem.

It surely is clearly attributable to only one thing: Australian leaders don't want to know or at least discover they are mostly unable to find solutions to what is developing as a catastrophe on our doorstep. The same politicians will depart and live well on their pensions while everyone else on both sides of the Torres Strait pays the price of their incompetency.

The information is readily available. Why is it the Australian and PNG media refuses to effectively report it?

That's the real story don't you think?

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