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28 July 2017


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Well stated.

As perpetrated on PNG healthcare workers via non-arrival of essential supplies and so inflicting on unwell people needless ill and pain even life-ending circumstance...such structural deprivation is of lack of empathy and is of (dare-it-be-said) depravity by individuals and perhaps in cohorts, active in rorts remote from affected places and persons.

That is but example, and evidentiary of rather many more sad narratives each with a truth.

Structural excuses such as avail in schedules of hours, pays, equipment and competencies are contributory, however tendency, tempo and tantrum at 'seniority' interfaces and governance are by far the lead contributors, coaxing dribblers.

Too easy to enumerate on that ‘kind’ against which laws are enshrined. Another approach is to put question as "what kinder ways will work for people and nation and people as one nationality?"

Thank you Simon for your report of converse on 'the thinking of many Papua New Guineans' and estimate that 'this blog is playing a big role.'

Be assured, off-shore contributors seem to strive valiantly to be 'on-sure’ with word-wavelengths. To lands intruded by miners, minders and minglers, mindfulness is yet ventured, investing, inventing.

I have been busy doing other things like lecturing and doing my creative writing and failed to contribute to the PNG Attitude blog recently.
But I have been faithful in reading PNG Attitude.

I have been enriched by the contributions of other creative thinkers and writers from PNG and Australia.

Recently I have been to a conference in Port Moresby where a group of scholars met and presented theological papers on the theme 'The church and state'.

Some of my colleagues said they read PNG Attitude and appreciated the quality and the breadth of topics published on the blog.

I was thrilled to know that this blog is playing a big role to shape the thinking of many Papua New Guineans.

I sent this article as a political commentary on the nearly completed elections of this country.

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