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17 July 2017


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As for learning from Australia:
Is it true, the "earliest non-mission government school was established by German Governor Hahl in 1907"?
Is it true, the “Australian administered government school system in PNG was given little impetus until the late 1950s”, though having begun its delivery of education in 1920s, and although the (Australian) Education Ordinance of 1952, only to UN pressure?
For quotes see Susan Gelade, 1999

Apart from Christian folk in their missions, was it not forty years before administrations of the invasive governments thought to construct a school building, and that mid 1920s, only for ‘European’ children at Port Moresby, and then another forty years before a 1960s rollout of Roscoe’s plan for universal primary education in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea?

As to blaming stuff on Australia:
When brake-fast is devoured and taste's soured, and images floored by buttoned vote remote, and dishing fishy trawl counts as no acquittal of dsip-pearing national wealth, stomaching pain at hospitals' empty pharmaceutical shelves availing scant relief, dawn will sweep darker pastings of imaginary figures ill-fitting religious exodus from tribal tribulation, neighbourly nudging nationhood, prompting citizens' consciousness of collective resolve.
Emerge PNG as best you will.

I posted this article on the Sepik Region Development Discussion Forum and had this comment from Dr Clement Malau .....

Thank you again for posting this commentary from Keith Jackson. Yes! I believe there will be a lot of positive outcomes from this election.

Reading all the different messages on the social media and the reported cases of citizens standing up for what is right is a great sign and makes me confident that the 2017 election will come down in history as a turning point for PNG.

The ordinary citizen will have learnt more about proper transparency in a voting process, more about political party systems and more about the accountability processes between a leader and a citizen.

The social media would have played a major part in shaping the unity in diversity as I read about young people expressing themselves like true Papua New Guineans and not based on regional groupings.

However, from an Australian perspective it is time it review the way it provides development aid. It is time it asks serious questions about aid effectiveness.

Serious questions must be asked about the billions that have been spent. Has the investment been cost effective? Honest and truthful debates needs to take place on true partnership and options on the aid delivery mechanism.

PNG leaders must also realize that we are in a strategic position to negotiate better and not just for budget aid or support for Angau Hospital as part of the Manus deal.

Leaders in PNG must realize that our historical and strategic relationships require a more strategic partnership approach. i.e. Asking questions such as: What will the future be like if PNG becomes a free and fair society like New Zealand? This would mean a secure and stable region for Australia.

I can only feel great shame when I read this. Why is Australia doing such a hopeless job when it comes to helping PNG?

A few years back I was part of the ABC Four Corners program "Preying on Paradise" .. which was produced at about the time Sam Koim and Taskforce Sweep were at their height, unravelling so much of the corruption that was going on.

Sam Koim came down and spoke at a Bank meeting in Australia and asked for help from the Australian banks. He knew about all the PNG government funds being sent overseas to Australian Banks to be hidden away. But the Australian government seems to have done nothing to investigate all this "stolen money.

They say there are now 8000 PNG people living in the Cairns area... maybe they are the wives and children of these rich politicians and business people who have been able to move millions of kina offshore and start up a new life investing it in the Cairns area.. like we heard about with Eremas Wartoto... who was found guilty and will spend time in prison.

But the story of prosecuting Eremas Wartoto took years. For many years he denied what he had done. But finally he admitted it and wanted to pay it back so he could get out of going to prison. Some people said he should be forgiven because he used the money to set up an airline which helped people.

I could write much more on this problem. It is obvious that the Australian government is preoccupied with all the many other world problems that are going on at the moment. We talk and talk about them all but nothing seems to get solved.

Maybe it would be good if Australia could stop worrying too much about these world problems which are beyond our ability to solve and turn our attention on the problems in our area, such as in PNG, which with a little co-operation we should be able to improve on if not solve.

Well said, Keith. The irreducible minimum appears to be that for PNG, nett cash flow is whatever is appropriated via foreign aid. It's time for transparency regarding the "missing" LNG revenues.

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