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31 July 2017


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I'm trying to think of a time when the whole world didn't look depressing Garry and having a lot of difficulty.

The 1960s looked pretty good but that was only because I was young and there was great social change going on. Unfortunately that push for social change was a response to all that was bad in the world, or at least what a lot of thinkers and young people perceived as bad. Some people, our parents for instance, probably thought the bad stuff was pretty good and that we were bad people for trying to change it.

It gets terribly confusing.

It's nice to remember that even the worst of times brings out the best in some people.

I can relate to Phil’s ponderings on the “oppressive depressive state of PNG”. However at times I feel that it is not only PNG but, to quote another Irish author, Sean O’Casey, “the whole world is in a terrible state of chassis.”
(meaning “a terrible state of chaos”.)

Personally I find current headline news from all over the world can be depressing. At the same time I remind myself that when does look for the good it can be found.

I once heard a fellow worker describe his colleagues, “The older ones are looking back, the younger ones are looking forward, and the middle aged look confused !”

I guess the great challenge is to keep looking for and encouraging the good.

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