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04 July 2017


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That "massive anti-O’Neill and PNC sentiment" has yet to go to the count.

By count, I refer to the sport of boxing which has been huge in Brisbane this last weekend. Not only that a referee applies a count when a boxer is downed, also when both boxers remain as standing, the panel of judges apply a count of points for punches, aggression, command and defense. The referee count is immediately obvious, whereas the count from the judges is likely to be discussed long after the sported event.

While (hopefully) not of sport, the PNG 2017 national election event has both massive support from the constituency and message purports as Francis offers of his glean of "minds and hearts of the people".

What counts from this election event is the composition of the next parliament and the conversation carried forward by constituency. Of those who polled most of the count in 2012, the 2017 count might register as and be judged as, a massive missive.

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