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22 July 2017


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"Double Declaration: The RO that's been missing for much of counting appears in a hotel room and declares 3rd placed Tonde as member elect."

"Patilias Gamato just told me that the purported declaration of Joseph Tonde by Moresby North-West returning-officer is "illegal"- Malum Nalu"


A tap or a pat on the back?

Why a big 'NO' to PNC? Ask what PNC is doing in report:
"Arore & PNC with the help of several police tried to kidnap Ijivitari MP Masere from the hands of ESP governor Allan Bird at Jacksons". See:

Seriously, Domestic is in need of a rebuild to lift standards for tourism that is authentic, not providing a stage for political guy faux.

Report of "Trupla Man Father Simon", sliding to NA, split from SDP and leaderslip Parkop.

While words ‘goodness gracious’ are used to express surprise, they can understate a sense of affront. Similarly is understatement by Governor Gary Juffa saying ‘amazing’ on learning of outrageous fraud by public servants.
Yet not anything good or gracious was heard from Puka Temu who reportedly said:
“…will only provide services to the area that gave him vote…and his family only.” What, Sir?

While words of realism are reported from newly elected Solan Mirisim: “It doesn’t matter who becomes prime minister. There’s no magic formula for bringing immediate delivery of goods and services”, still it matters what can and will be done.
Benefit immediately flowed to Solan, by fancy flight Telefomin to Vanimo and to PNC camp. What, flying high on plane “whopay”, while telling constituents plain ‘youstay’?

While words of one winner winces on another’s ways, see O’Neill: “highly illegal and immoral”, is it not the O’Neill government aggrandising an aggregation, whose “budget deficits over the last four years are the worst in PNG’s history”? What, aggressively?

By the way, Telefomin, so remote, relies on airborne transport, as at least it’s airfield is functioning.

PNC Party may have the numbers but will not master the numerical strength to form the government. Peter O'Neill will be defeated outright on the floor of parliament.

Even if he uses a lot of money to buy other MP's he will face a great defeat.

He will be striped by the court of laws afterwards as a cruel leader.

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