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02 July 2017


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Haven for the "truly rabid fringe dwellers who always exist in any political party" is a crowd that listens. Hope for all humans is a listener or two or more who notices and cares. Finding enough of those who care and commit is what parties try to do.

Heaven for the majority (in social equality), is each (with entitlement) has but one vote. Governance is the art of resources allocation wherein rabidity has sufficient containment and some contentment. Hope for human governance is sufficiency in constraining such as recidivists and parties partly rabid. Parliaments too?

Happenings in PNG suggest legal systems are reasonably robust and may offer avenue of alteration if not outright change. Not that any change need be on leash of PNG's southern neighbour. Rather, as per James Crawford, "Justice Kirby’s promotion of international law as a legitimate influence on the development of Australian law", and as may be more advanced in UK law, may cause realizations melodious among Melanesian legal fraternity. Hope has been sustained by recourse to litigation, in lieu of availability of review via another chamber of parliament.

The lessons from those lesser among kings, regents, protectors and such kind, were contributory to the bicameral systems in UK and UK's earlier dominions. Thwarting is a top-knot thought initiating a two chamber system of parliament, and an occasional tactic in not only a chamber of review.

Tell me if otherwise, but it seems thwarting is somewhat foreign in view of villagers, where vantage accrues to facilitation of leadership and solidarity in purpose, planning and projecting power.

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