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12 July 2017


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Phil: is it possible to hear news about what's going on in Papua's key provinces? Milne Bay, Central, Gulf.

I'm sick to death of non-stop toktok + pics of Highlands' manoeuvrings and rumbles.

As a former Papua Besena supporter - and I see Dame Josephine Abaijah is still kicking, above ground - I had (and still have) zero interest in the lads and ladettes of the hills and mountain regions.

Social media indeed, Phil, good for alerting though yet to evolve at verification.
Similarity with previous elections there may be, but increasingly, and maybe at this 2017 election, sufficient verification will embolden those who become disgruntled, to bring discussion into fulsome hearing and even court some worthy advances for more equitable conduct and provisioning in future elections.

You're probably right Michael. I guess the final outcome will tell.

Maybe good-guy O'Neill will have to save the day by taking PNG over again. In everyone's best interest of course.

The thing about chaos and inefficiency is that it is cumulative and works like arithmetic progression. If something doesn't work well this year it's bound to work even less well next year. If you track this from 1975 it makes for a nice upward curved graph with a lovely spike in 2017.

Plenty of room in Tumby Bay if you and Martyn and others want political asylum. We've got a great Kiwai chef at the Tumby Bay Hotel.

Phil, you may be seriously underestimating 'our Peter' and co-conspirators and the master puppeteers whose interests would be best served by keeping PNC in power.

It's not difficult to imagine these connivers to have banked on "the same old Papua New Guinean style chaos and inefficiency" and simply got the ball rolling with a few minor touches here and there.

For example, stuffing up the electoral roll...employing a newbie to be election commissioner...influencing a few key police officers...and etc.

And O'Neill is very different from Somare in some very fundamental ways.

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