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22 July 2017


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Kerenga Kua for Prime Minister!

Kerenga Kua will make more impact in the coalition led Government. He is well wast will law and can talk to make difference in the floor of parliament.

You know, National Parliament of PNG will benefit if blessed with an effective and credible tru-team opposition.

Both contemporary recognition and longitudinal acclaim (remembered long in history) await a tru-op-team.

Mirage rather than mirror has been garner, no grander of gathering to corral bolting colts, PMs' lesser heards.

Imagine cohesion of a PO’N herd galloping to opposition benches and to lasting fortune of fame, by teasing tales of an about-to-be-coalition-in-control, Alliance more colourful than an Appaloosa. Both tru-op team and gov-heard would brandish whips, and honourably as of 'parly meant' and tru.

Yet, dream-breaking heave startling heard thundering hooves gaiting hither lacking harness frolicking hack.

Yep, no national..

Jimmy - thanks for capturing this.

Philip you may have a point here. KK also needs to ensure that his administration at the District level must be made of people like himself who can do their jobs without fear or favor.

With a majority going for KK , the composition of his administration staff must be equally from Yongomugl, Tabare and Suai LLGS!

The PNG National Party is not doing enough to win enough seats to support Kerenga Kua to oust Peter O'Neill to become prime minister.

The party executives and party leader failed to listen to advice given by people to endorse certain candidates.

Those candidates the National Party rejected are doing well so next time take advice given by simple people who know best their candidates.

Kerenga Kua must learn to give money to support candidates, otherwise he will be one man party member all the way. Please change your approach; it does not work well.

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