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18 July 2017


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PNG Electoral Commissioner surely will not welcome the outrageous silliness of 'fancy dress' (costume) worn by a "senior member of the Electoral Commission staff" at Sir John Guise Stadium.

About clothes to be worn at the election counting area, no person present ought dress as they 'please' and certainly not dress as 'police'.

Seems a trifle, hardly worth a mention, and the 'sworn in' (real) police dealt with the offender effectively and rightly, according to news report.

Yet so rigorous need electoral systems be and for human error to be minimised, question ought be taken to the Electoral Commissioner as to the recruitment and training of staff members of the PNG Electoral Commission. It was reported that the offender has (had?) seniority.

Should it be unavoidably a fact that the commission endowed upon the Electoral Commission, equipped the function with 'scarcity of shillings', then let that be acquitted in review report. Let the Electoral Commissioner find widely favourable support for a chiefly worthy review report, instead of a nameless retort.

It is now almost given that PNG leaders will not save this country. The elections are a farce. There is a lot of improvements to do before the next elections.

This election may also be the beginning of the worst days for PNG as far as elections go in the future! All is not right yet so let's buckle up and expect some bumps along the way!!

Papua New Guineans from all walks of life are beginning to take ownership of the affairs of their country particularly on the political front as evident in this election and this a healthy sign for PNG's future. Certainly a new era has dawned out of this election.

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