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25 July 2017


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Hi Daniel, below is a facebook message I posted in response to comments posted by Robert Leo regarding the election in Kandep.

My thoughts closely align to your conclusion, posted at Kandepan Network on 15 October 2016, 7.45am.

I always foresaw it coming and am not surprised by what's going on.


Bro Robert Leso, I got the solution for you and other peace loving Kandepens. That is - we suspend elections in Kandep for the next 10/15 years and you will see the difference.

To me, politics is the main cause creating divisions and conflicts between our people.

We can have elections in future when:

- we reach the time when we prepared to have free and fair elections,

- our people can choose whoever they want as their leader without intimidation,
- intending or serving leaders respect the wishes of the people and are prepared to accept whatever results through free and fair elections, and

- serving and intending candidates stop manipulating the electoral system and other illegal means to steal the leadership of Kandep.

These are my thoughts towards addressing the main cause of the killings and destruction that Kandep is currently going through. But every Kandepen is entitled to his/her own views.

Having shared the above thoughts about whether it is politics or other causes, let us share thoughts on what we can do to support real positive actions on the ground.

Public awareness is fine but we must go beyond that with action.

All the violence and drama is intimately tied to the way the elections have been planned and conducted.

There is so much problem with this election that I do not know why it is not called failed yet!!

Just heard now (Wednesday 26th 10am) a body was discovered by the notorious Kop Creek in Wabag town yesterday (25th Tuesday).

He was reportedly killed during last Saturday’s election violence.

This brings the number to six (6) including the two policemen killed.

Meanwhile, counting is progressing smoothly.

Declarations are expected for Wabag, Wapenamanda, Laiagam, Kandep and the regional seat before Friday this week.

Daniel escaped from the lion's den.
May you Daniel also survive.

Terrific (in the real sense of the word) reporting, Daniel. So sorry you wont be able to attend the Sunshine Coast literary festival. Stay safe!

Counting has been allowed to continue for all districts in Enga including Kandep.

The race is definitely on between THE’s Don Polye and PNC’s Alfred Manase.

Both have scored over 16,000 votes so far while the third is at 6,000 plus.

One of these two men will be declared winner before Friday this week.

I sincerely hope peace will prevail in Kandep.

Great reporting. Be safe, kaim.

Dear Daniel, You are doing a tremendous job and your reporting is reminiscent of Wilfrid Burchett.

Take care. Thanks for your great writings.

Keep your head down Daniel.

We'll explain why you aren't there on August 11.

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