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22 July 2017


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Remniscent of the livery, linen and cutlery in use at Bulolo - circa 1970 thereabouts.

Well, Phil, the plantation 'aristocracy' also flourished in coastal Papua.

I remember attending a dinner at a big copra planation in between Abau and Rigo owned by Scotty Uroe and his wife.

We were humble chalkies the four or five of us from the Aroma coast who made the trek --- partly by canoe, partly on foot --- to the substantial Uroe household.

For dinner Scotty was attired in a dinner suit, if you don't mind, complete with bow tie. Can't recall Mrs Uroe's attire but I'll bet it was sumptuous.

We humble 20-something-year-olds could muster only a tie and long pants. Maybe the tie went with just a short-sleeved white shirt for 2 or 3 of us. I might have been wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

Anyway, the wines and courses were served by the Uroe household staff all clad in beautifully ironed and starched lap-laps. Remember the bar staff in the Top Pub in Moresby?

Like that, only these plantation blokes had pristine white lap-laps. No shirts or tops, of course.

Very, very colonial even though I seem to remember it was the mid-sixties.

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