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13 July 2017


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Philip. They are continuing to keep their heads stuck right up their arse's.

And this ???

"They’ve seen it all before, but social media and mobile technology have enabled people to share with the world both evidence of foul play and their subsequent outrage".

I still maintain that there is not a lot of difference between this election and previous ones. It's just that this one has been thrust into the limelight by social media.

Therefore, it's not a one-off problem, it's an endemic problem that has existed since 1975. Politicians and senior bureaucrats know this and have done nothing about it. They have all been complicit in gaming the system for a very long time.

Like many things in PNG the electoral system is broken. Australia should have exposed it for what it is a long time ago and offered to help fix it.

Why it never has is unfathomable.

What is also of concern is the fact that many commentators on social media, like the one above, are using pseudonyms. They are clearly scared of being exposed. That doesn't sound like a free democracy at all.

Australia, there is a rogue state on your doorstep. What are you going to do about it?

So the participation in the election was "Something to behold" eh? The non participation and disenfranchisement even more so! Well, she has some pretty holiday snapshots to pass around when she gets home.

That asinine blather reminds me of Lennie Lower on reincarnation: " I remember when I was a spongecake, then a brainless spineless amoeba, then an MP, then a jelly fish, then a rhinoceros. As you can see I was improving all the time".

Well, Australia might like to track down the whereabouts of PNG's LNG wealth even if it's only to discover how much is being secreted, and whose signatures are on the bank accounts.

Seriously! Say something or regret it because this election is so terrible!

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