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14 July 2017


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Australia continuously grandstanding on PNG issues as a moral bearer of Western Democracy of a UN trust territory it was responsible for and did a bad job as the administering power.

Australian development assistance had 80 % boomerang effect. Yet it sends so called advisors in guise to manipulate PNG administrative systems in many sensitive sectors.

It happily redirect refugees bound for Australia to PNG. When will they ever learn?

The future generations of Papua New Guineans may not live in peace with Australia if such attitude continues. The writing is on the wall. Your pretentious best friend could be your worst nightmare. Wake up PNG!

Real event, 1930, a great-grandfather took unkindly to a terrier that doggedly fouled his chooks and so incurred of curtailment finely but also damaging his reserve monetarily, as found archived in Straya's 'Trove' website by his descendents.

Real event, 1942, grand curtailment of invasive troops drained resources monumentally, precipitating eventual 'Whitlam' withdrawal and to some dissent.

Presently, growing 'lettuce' achievements by PNGers occur 'next door', ever burdened by growth entanglement with Straya's backyard. Calling comments spray randomly, perhaps not as effectively as hand-weeding achieves at each properly. Beneficial fruitfulness is fostered where con-jointed imposts are confronted and decently.

Paul. Oh! How so true.

Can't agree with you more Paul - we're all whispering in the wind.

As an after thought I was wondering whether a note to Robert Mugabe might be in order - pull your socks up or you run the risk of turning Zimbabwe into another PNG.

Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone
They've paved paradise and put up a parking lot - Joni Mitchell

Phil, the problem is, you are preaching to the converted. Our leaders are too busy pondering on inconsequential trivia and can't bring themselves to confront the hard issues as these might be electorally sensitive.

They haven't worked out that the reason they were elected was to govern and not worry about being re-elected.

In many ways, our old bureaucratic dictatorship was a far better approach. Its the old story.

'You never appreciate what you have until you have to do without it.'

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