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28 July 2017


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Cor blimey, coup melee.
Are PNG citizens to be trumped by men suited only to themselves, wilfully weasling Westminister ways?

Much to the dismay of fair-minded citizens, telecaster EMTV gave coverage widely-viewed by the public, to a curious incident in Room 202 of Airways Hotel. What next from EMTV?

Most will agree with public statement since by Sir Mekere Morauta that it appears a 'complete mockery of the electoral process'.

Said by the EC to be 'illegal', certainly the event was and is procedure lacking validity in respect to PNG 'Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections'.

May it not offend if now this comment urges caution where statement by Sir Mekere points to 'clear signs that our systems of government have broken down'.

Much as there may be persons planning among themselves to obstruct lawful process and timely completion, each has a case to answer when taken into custody or legal proceedings or both, perhaps even under suspicion of criminality.

PNG Organic Law, foundational and respected, avails for enforcing and awaits review for reinforcing.

Agenda Items for Governor-Elect Gary Juffa and civic minded newly elected MPs in PNG
Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections:
...Qualifications for candidates applying for office in Electoral Commission
...Public advertising of vacancy in office in Electoral Commission
...Recognition of officers on duty (a judge might be seen with garb and wig)
...Penalties for EC officials deliberately invalidating electoral proceedings

Be not persuaded by a figuring-head not short on smiling, PNC figures comprise antics of Arore and arithmetics of Ipatas and assumpt-ics of O'Neill (prime only as caretaker by custom of Westminister).

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