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13 June 2017


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Quite common of PNG public funding of infrastructure is (at least a sense of) diversion, is it not?

Money diverted, road diverted, vehicles diverted, attention diverted, appeals diverted, so it seems.

If any money/road/pmv/promise was re-routed, was it not sumtin in Kandep?

Divert (say K57 M) from (Ialibu) University to “Lai River and marshes” to fill ‘credence gap’?
If PM is so committed, personally fund (his) campus, be legendary beneficent, …game change.

The new government should fix this Wasa Bridge for once and for all. The Wage people and suffered enough and even lost some lives.

Great expose Daniel. Everywhere your story can be repeated...just about everywhere! We live in a sick and demented society with leaders who have lied themselves to hell and back. I like your analogy of the "empty space."

And the heavy and dangerously armed police escort says a very different story.

What are they protecting themselves against?

The Wasa bridge is on the Kandep to Margarima road in the Hela province. It passes through the Wage constituency of Kandep where over 20,000 people live.

These people have resorted to using wooden dugout canoes to cross the river for about 15 years after the road built by the Australian colonial administration across the Lai River and the Wasa marshes started sinking .

The Wage people of Kandep could not use the alternative route – the Porokale road - because it also sank into the marshes between Lakis and Porokale villages in the headwaters of the Lai River.

These people have been cut off completely on two fronts and they have really been struggling. All PMV operators from Wage constituency ceased their operations.

Enga people, who are culturally linked to the Huli people, cannot have access to spin-off benefits of the PNG LNG project in terms of selling their produce etc.

The K35 million for the bridge and K75 million for the road were allocated in 2013 during construction phase of the K25 billion PNG LNG project. The O’Neill government withdrew the funds when Polye was sacked over the UBS loan controversy.

Politics between the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader spiced with greed, corruption and selfishness has caused thousands of innocent people from Wage and the rest of Kandep to suffer unnecessarily.

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