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16 June 2017


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I don't undertand one thing. How can Sir Mekere admit to the likely truth. that is, that the election is being completely corrupted and yet at the same time tell the voters that this is PNG's last chance to prevent further undermining of our parliamentary democracy and our rights and freedoms?

He cannot be talking about getting out the vote because of those in power have manipulated or will be manipulating the vote as much as we suspect it doesn't matter if everyone votes or no one votes the result will be the same.

On the other hand, if Sir Mekere is calling us to take to the streets in a people power protest movement he should think back to all he did when he was power to stop dissent especially of the UPNG students - dead student bodies being the results of Sir Mekere's handling of the student protest while he was PM.

You can't have it both ways Sir Mekere. Your own efforts at keeping dissent and protest ineffective and as little as possible is now coming back to slap you and the nation right in the face.

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