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01 June 2017


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Garry Juffa's simple question, "What type of a future we are leaving for the future generation in Papua New Guinea?", is so difficult for people like Peter O'Neill to answer.

Juffa is surely a revolution in political party platform campaigning in PNG politics. His approach is much simpler yet seems too difficult for bigger parties like PNC.

Just look at this....

Gary Juffa is setting a good example of how party-based campaigning should occur in PNG - by party leaders travelling around explaining their stance and policies.

It is the only way to offset the habit of voting along tribal and clan lines no matter how bad the candidate.

O'Neill knows how to do it. The other parties need to catch up.

Perhaps this election can then be different from all the others.

Well said, Sir. May your efforts be rewarded.

Gary Juffa is always brilliant, vocal and up for a true change of leadership in PNG. Thumbs up for your leadership quality.

We want more of Sam Basil, Kerenga Kua and Gary Juffa on the floor of parliament after this election.

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