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14 June 2017


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Yet to emerge is the model from China, in that reefs in the South Sea (Nánhǎi) of China are claimed and constructed as assets, strategically. Are PNGers to reef in the tourist asset of coastal outcrops with APEC as a starter?

Long a practice at some PNG coasts, has been accommodation of village over water. Enterprise that apex-es as Ella Beach versions of Fairfax infil, begins a 'marina-elle', as surely as gabions are deposited into marshes in Enga.

While supporting Gregory in his stretch of Owen Stanley experience from Buna (Basabua?) pointedly to Paga, here is no stop but a start. Indicator loops (for readers unaware) were underwater cables at the entrance to Fairfax Harbour in use from 1942(?) for detecting vessels. But wait there is more. In 1943, cabling was installed from Horn Island (Queensland, Australia) to the coast of Papua near Fairfax Harbour, for telecommunications. No matter now neither cabling can be seen unless touring below the wave, enterprise will bring such historic achievement and its material to the surface (err, cognizance). Imagine a complete loop of touring 'Fly-over', from Horn via 'South Sea Islands', Gulf, Coral coast, to China Strait and maybe beyond 'midway'.

Fortifications concreted, more visible than 'foxholes' concealed by grasses at Gona, are potential for tourism additional to generating indigenous interest, yet looming lately in local agendas are deficits in medications, mediations, educ-expectations and ethics at engaging, enrolling and ensuring.

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