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02 June 2017


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I find The National newspaper very useful every day.

Keeping six puppies in my house can get very messy.

The absorption capacity that The National rag provides for cleaning up puppy piss and poop is fantastic.

It also provides me with no end of pleasure to observe the images of political leaders smeared in puppy poop.

Sometimes there is balance in the print media, we just have to use the material appropriately.

Of course, this was not the first time that "O'Neill slams Pruaitch".

O'Neill also did so in 2011 after replacing Pruaitch as Treasurer.

In a remarkable attack on the (former) former Treasurer Pruaitch in Parliament on 9 August 2011, O'Neill stated: "Therefore, Mr. Speaker, I have to report that the previous Treasurer exceeded his legal authority and did so against the advice of his Department and the State Solicitor."

So Pruaitch was declared as undertaking an illegal activity contrary to the advice of Treasury and the government's lawyers.

But it gets more interesting. O'Neill was attacking Pruaitch on the financing of the Kokopo Infrastructure Program for K125 million through raising finances outside of Parliamentary approval processes (the “Sovereign Community Infrastructure Treasury Bills” or SCITB).

This financing was described by O'Neill as a deliberate “means to circumvent the budget process” and “was unconstitutional”.

He went into some detail on why such funding without Parliamentary approval was “unconstitutional” under Section 209. O’Neill argued “Cabinet or individual Ministers do not have the power to authorise National Government expenditure.”

Keep with the story – a bit detailed but there is a sting in the tail.

As Treasurer, O’Neill then stated, “I also want to inform this honourable house that I will be taking new submission to cabinet to advice on the corrective actions to take regarding this matter” (sic).

As a result, he was sacked as Treasurer, and put onto the backbenches.

He turned on Somare, became Prime Minister, and one of the first pieces of legislation he introduced was to close this previous financing loophole.

The twist in the story is that his new Treasurer, Don Polye, similarly argued that the K3 billion funding for the purchase of Oil Search shares was illegal and unconstitutional (as funding hadn’t been approved by Parliament).

As a result, he was sacked as Treasurer, and put onto the backbenches.

And the really extraordinary sting in the tail is that O’Neill then appointed Pruaitch to be his new (former) Treasurer.

Just possibly, that would also qualify as a “backflip”. Do you think “The National” would run this story?

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