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20 June 2017


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Mr Vorst said “Mt Hagen Hospital…got a box of abdominal swabs. That was it."
So, if PNG manner is misunderstanding, was that abysmal, swabs?

Soaking up resource of flows in finances, furnishings, flex-abilities, fandangles and farce, collectives of ministrations and misalignments are draining not only on weal of national intent and on weals of folk bodily debilitated, but on national composure, competence and clarity of minds. Treats of symptom might yet morph via voter volition.

The voting public should get their collective fucked up heads out of the proverbial and choose the best political leaders.

This government must go.

As a former member of Western Highlands Health Board I sympathise with patients and staff at Hagen hospital.

Often it is the hard working staff on call, both clinical and administrative, who bear the brunt of the anger of the public over the lack of drugs.

The surrounding population has grown, there are more and more demands on the clinical staff.

Hopefully the problem of lack of drugs will be solved soon, but even then there needs to be a review of the number of doctors and nursing staff to cope with the huge increase in population.

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