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26 June 2017


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"Our rights and freedoms reflect the yearning for freedom, autonomy, privacy and conscience, but also our need to associate and express as family, community and society. A politics that ignores or suppresses the intimate sphere will allow or even ensure abuses of power in the home, on the streets and in its own institutions.

The poetry of witness has long compensated for censored or corrupted news media when truth must be spoken to power..."

Shami Chakrabarti -

As of about an hour ago it looks like the PNG elections are turning to shite.

Anything could now happen and none of it will be good.

A perfect excuse for O'Neill to declare a state of emergency.

Was this the intention all along?

Thanks Lindsay.

Unlike in previous elections, there weren't much supplies of lambflaps and alcohol in this election which is a positive sign, Robin. I hope the same trend will continue in the next election and eventually phased out.

Timely telling of tout. Hope is "wisdom and tact" energised ingeniously not disingenuously.
Nii's nice nine nick a nock, a neat mete on niffs.

mete on niffs: limit to odours

Well said, Francis.
I presume you are surfeited on Lamb flaps and SP with the pleas of those hopeful of your vote.
There seems little else in the National Fridge to feed the masses.
Hopefully, a few Ingenious Warriors will rise to invigorate a grass roots revival of sorts.

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