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19 June 2017


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I saw my father in the mirror too Arthur.

I didn't think to ask him anything. I didn't ask him much when he was alive either. Or really listen to him much - a great regret.

All that stuff I thought was twaddle was actually wisdom. Now it's all gone. Into the ether somewhere.

You young pups must remember that. Talk to your parents and listen to what they've got to say. One day they won't be there and the opportunity will be gone.

Phil - The trouble with looking glasses is that if one looks to closely on can occasionally see their soul through the windows of their eyes.

Fortunately altruism is not dead. If it were not for the concern of most citizens, the elderly would be going broke having to pay the real costs for Meals on Wheels and the homeless would be left to perish on the streets.

One thing good about getting old is that the dudes at Bunnings who usually run a mile if a customer approaches them now ask you if they can help you when loading the car

Anyway enough pontificating all the best on your 70th.

All the best for your 70th Phil. Rejoice in your golden years.

Happy Birthday and a belated one.

Yes Phil enjoy your eighth decade!

I’ve had some great moments in mine even if bits ain’t what they used to be. Was having a shave recently and looked in the mirror only to see my dad there instead. We both grinned and what the hell he was also in the mirror in my bedroom too. Even spoke to him but no reply!

Three and half wives come and gone; seven daughters; thirteen grand kids…man it would worthy of a soap opera at times. Surely by surviving we are adding more chapters to the unique book which everyone provides.

Groucho Marx- ‘Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough.’

Phil, may memories of warmth up north keep brilliance ago, on go at your top notch.
Happy Seventieth.

Do not go gentle into that good night
Old age should burn and rave at the close of day
Rage rage against the dying of the light

Happy Birthday Phil

Rausim mira long haus
pointim mira igo long sankamap
reflection save laitim bigpela fire
Happy birth day, Phil.

Sevenpla Krismas inau kamap,
Displa dei ibin kam hariap,
Skin iles, tasol het itok,
'Maski, wok ken stap’,
Nogat wori, nogat pen,
Tasol liklik wori, ikamap gen,
Taim mi lukim pes bilo yu,
Lusim nem? Olgeta klostu.

Happy 70th Birthday Phil

Husat nau bai brukim paiawud bilong yu?
or purumapim wara?
- haus bai kol na ting ting long stap klostu long paia isave go bikpela.
- noken tingting lapun hariap.

Mipela ino stap klostu long kisim paiawud na wara na olsem tasol, Hamamas bilong mipela long yu Phil, long painim wanpela krismas moa go painim lapun. PNG rait ken hamamas long wok bung wantaim yu.

Husat long PNG gat kundu paitim na tok hamamas wantaim Phil, na mi bikmaus tok tenk yu long pasin apo - Seganeve!

Phil, mekim pasin, ol Siapan mekim long fectori, mipela fixim kain kain hap bilong kar olsem chassis bilong kar wantaim Yomba na Kwila diwai na pasim wantaim bus rop. Em bai go strong moa yet ya.

Seganeve wiii ha! Enjoy your 70th.

Happy Birthday, Phil. Hope you have time to read some good books down in your new home.
The 70s ... a great time to start to live life to the full. Yes, stop looking in the mirror.
I wonder what you might "do" next. Plenty of things need "doing"! Cheers!

Happy birthday, Phil, and don't feel old because

A man's not old when his hair turns grey,
He's not even old when his teeth decay,
But he's well on his way to his last long sleep,
When his mind makes a date which his body can't keep.

So, Phil, enjoy your birthday.

Phil, your mind is still keen and energetic. May both body and mind continue to flourish. Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Phil.

Don't feel you are alone when you look in the mirror.

Bodi bilong man tasol save senis.

Tasol tingting em save stap olsem iet igo. Yu bai ting yu stap yangpela man iet.

Olsem na noken lukim mirror moa.

Hepi mama karim dei, Phil.

Its only a person's body that changes. But the mind continues. So you believe you are still young. Stop looking in the mirror. Happy birthday, Phil - KJ (translation)

Happy birthday, Phil. May your meanderings, reminiscences and reflections (including the mirrored ones) be not antagonistic toward your otherwise optimistic expectations concerning your corroding carapace.

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