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16 June 2017


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Whoever the cartoonist or the man behind the cartoonist should be taken to court for discrimination.

On one hand, if this cartoon is a reflection of men, its does no good except that they are telling the people of PNG and the world around them that they (men) are insecure and are afraid of women getting into politics.

I have always held the view that with 165 women now getting into politics, you can already see the level of confidence being built among the womenfolk, unlike in the past where you have a very few number of women and the level of confidence that time was small, if not nothing at all.

That said, if PNG can have 167 women in 2017, then we might have more in 2022 and even more 2027 and beyond. So that by 2050 or 2060 we will have

So even if women are not elected into parliament, the important point see is the level of confidence arising among the women. This positive environment will impact greatly on women in the future.

And so to me, women are leaders, and building such level of self-confident and belief about oneself is a critical starting point, and the women in PNG are already creating that momentum of "Yes we can".

Reflecting on the cartoon, poor and insecure is this guy. Let him die in his greed and lust for power. He will go no where except to die in his own narrow sense of life.

We are Papua New Guineans and we are human. And by that definition we are equal, whether man or woman.

There should not be insecurity and fear. People who are insecure try to demoralise others. Men in PNG should not be afraid of women getting into power.

The unintended consequence of this cartoon is that it has brought sexism generally and particularly as it pertains to female candidates in the election into the spotlight.

While this fact shouldn't be interpreted as condoning the sentiments expressed in the cartoon it does demonstrate that exposure to unpalatable truths is a powerful tool.

The women of PNG now have an opening to express their outrage about sexism. They should make as much out of this despicable cartoon as possible.

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