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06 June 2017


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Paul has absolutely nailed it. One has only to look at how the very remote villages have been left to sink back 50+years to "taim bepo" when there were no aid posts, schools, roads etc until the advent of their government outposts along with kiaps, police, health, education, didimen, trade stores, airstrips made life easier and allowed these people the chance to climb out of a life of extreme hardship.

I see the only time politicians want anything from these people now are their votes!

My recent visit early this year showed this malaise has already spread into the regional centres and I also note from reading "Tok Save" in the Post Courier that there is a hue and cry about other a decline within other districts and their major and minor towns.

As the place falls back into disrepair (except Moresby, who else is there to blame? Also, who is to blame for allowing foreigners to prosper and flourish in every Town at the expense of local entrepreneurs. All those types of businesses can and should be run and owned by PNG people. No ifs or buts!

Australian politicians are no different. Our current regime is merely a neoliberal elective dictatorship underpinned by a culture of casino capitalism with a laissez faire doctrine.

Trickle down economics and a rising tide lifting all boats is complete hogwash. Try explaining this to many of the miners who are suffering from coal workers' pneumoconiosis or black lung following the recent resources boom.

Meanwhile, the minister who orchestrated the free trade deal with China walks into a consultancy role offering almost $1 million per annum:

Somehow, the wealth doesn't trickle down that much.

The advantage of resource development for politicians is the opportunity to line their own pockets. People orientated development requires the opposite, spending money to make things happen.

Paul is spot on with accusing selfish PNG politicians of having no regard for their people or nation.

A classic case of neglect is their attitude to PNG writers and artists. These people could contribute much to PNG given government support but it has never been forthcoming. Requests for assistance have always fallen on deaf ears.

Now that the resources boom has tanked what are the politicians going to do for their pocket money? Will they suddenly discover people as a new resource to exploit?

Paul - agree with you. PNG deserve better leaders from the coming election to take it to prosperity. Pangu Pati is already making a bold stand to curb landowner royalty corruption and prosecute those who misuse.

It's now up to PNG voters to send more Pangu candidates. The power is in their hands.

Read this interesting article from Sam Basil here:

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