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28 June 2017


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Hey, you so-called senior civil servants and commissioners, whoever.

Can you hold on for a while and see that we PNGians have done so much damage to ourselves - our blessed Papua New Guinea.

Can you have some respect for the many years of sacrifices you shouldered to serve PNG? Can you see yourself as an elderly service men/woman who must behave/act in a fatherly manner?

I cant believe you can tell blatant lies, do cover ups, make ups, fakes, etc.

We need your saviour hands badly now. Please go into your room and sit there by yourself and ask: what am I doing? Am I serving and saving my PNG? Or am I serving and saving a few at an immeasurable cost my innocent children/grandchildren will bear in the future?

When the contract to print ballot papers for the 2017 general elections was awarded to an Indonesian company, many PNGians knew why.

The reasoning from PNGEC that it was to save a few million kina was shallow. We were never convinced.

And now rumours that extra ballot papers/boxes floating around in all electorates nationwide where PNC has fielded a candidate is no surprise to us.

But beware: sinners never escape, no matter how long it takes, no matter how hard it becomes; they always pay their ultimate price!

My thoughts too, Paul. Attempts to put problems on people external to PNG is to paddle shallow water and to peddle shallow trust. The honour of ancestors is in learning of best information, working out best strategies, adopting best tactics and, always with care and courage.

Any mess that has come about in some parts of some electorates has to be faced honestly by PNG voters and citizens, maybe through the Courts, and more certainly through PNG ballot boxes. An end to nonsense and nuisance is by pen (or pencil?) in this or a next vote.

It seems that lawful process and court action might be somewhat slow (as in the UK, where criminal proceedings are now in place some 28 years after a tragic event of crowd crush at Hillsborough) but processes within the rule of law are a better choice, and indeed the best choice, to safeguard the rights of all PNGers.

As indicated by Bryan Kramer (and thanks to Phil), stand firm for rights of voters, always with care and courage.

By the way, Australia invested the lives of so many young people who perished and the health of all the others who stayed alive in defending the territorial domain and people of what is now PNG. Where in truth it can be shown that error was made, let it be told. But be aware of the immense sadness caused by sayings that are not true. And be aware of a possibility of insult being felt, where untruths are of malice more than ignorance. So, pls, more certainty, Sir M?

I'd say that it's going to take a long time for the results of this election to be finalised.

The Court of Disputed Returns is going to be very busy.

O'Neill is probably taking its funds away as we speak.

Except for a few traffic accidents resulting in a dozen or so deaths, the campaign period has been very peaceful in Enga province.

Casting of votes in the province begins next week on 4th July.

The people continue to pray that the casting of votes and counting period to the declaration of a winner will also be peaceful.

I believe the people are ready for a fair and free election.

The Electoral Commission officials, Security forces and candidates themselves must ensure that the election in Enga province is safe and secure.

Supporters must know that only one person will be the winner who will serve us all for the next five years.

They must not add on more burdens to loosing candidates who will be forced to pay compensation for all deaths if a supporter is injured or dies.

Let’s all unit, pull this through successfully with peace and unity in our hearts.

God adds on more blessings to a people who try to do good, fear Him and exalt His name.

From Bryan Kramer on Sharp Talk:


I have noted many reports and comments on social media of people raising concerns their names have been omitted (removed) from the up-dated common roll.

So can you they still lawfully vote in 2017 General Elections?

The short answer is Yes.

Section 46(4) of the Organic Law on National & Local-Level Elections states:

"where an elector is enrolled in respect of an address in an electorate for which he is entitled to be enrolled, he shall not be required to sign and send in any further claim for enrolment in connection with the preparations of a new Roll under this section."

It basically means if you were previously registered on the common roll and residential status in the same electorate hasn't changed then you are legally entitled to vote in that electorate.

This view has been confirmed by the National Court in the 2003 election petition case Nomane v Anggo. In those proceedings the Court ruled that:

"Elector’s right once enrolled on a Common Roll for an electorate continues until lost – No further need for such elector to apply for re-enrolment on the Common Roll for the same electorate."

In those proceedings Jim Nomane filed an election petition challenging the election of David Anggo for Chuave Open in 2002 General Election.

Mr Ango argued Mr Nomane had no standing (right) to challenge his election on the grounds Nomane was not even a registered voter in the 2002 Common Roll.

The Court ruled in favour of Nomane finding that while his name was not on 2002 Common Roll it was registered in 1992 Common Roll and therefore technically by virtue of Section 46(4) of Organic Law on Elections he was still registered on the roll irrespective whether his name appeared on it or not.

So if you ever voted in an election whether in 1977 or 2012 and you have been residing in the same electorate since only to find out that your name has been removed without your consent or knowledge then legally your still enrolled to vote irrespective whether your name appears on the latest roll or not.

So insist on your right to vote and don't take no for an answer.

The law says you have the right to vote and so does the National Court.

Don't let a dysfunctional and incompetent electoral commission deny you the right to vote.

"I believe Australian officials have been here the last few years planning the conduct of this election and they obviously have failed, given what's happening now," said Sir Mekere.

So it seems like it's all Australia's fault? Clearly those in charge are already trying to absolve themselves before the election results are even over.

Is this mere incompetency, a planned result or unplanned fracas? They all seem to lead to the same end?

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