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20 June 2017


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Of “compliance with rule of law...legislation around financial governance”, what enforcement?

Today, news reporting from PNG today tells of Court sentencing of Eremas Wartoto

Of SIP funding disbursement, PNG DAILY UPDATES 31/5/2017, reports much as follows:
2013, acquittals submitted 92, and not submitted 19.
2014, acquittals submitted 75, and not submitted 36.
2015, acquittals submitted 36, and not submitted 75.
2016, acquittals submitted 5, so far…

Do some district administrators not know of or understand responsibility in acquittal?
Pollies may comprise folk less acquainted with lawful process, but be no less accountable.
No suggesting misappropriation, can question be allayed by submittal from each, and appropriately?
That K1.11 billion is a tad more than what was at court with Eremas Wartoto.

Along with Spellcheck ought be one's own self-check.
Errata:...then re-entry to Earth via Odyssey, all alive.

Only in fiction could the Independent State of PNG be likened to the Apollo spacecraft of April 1970.

For those readers needing to brush-up on pre-independence (pre-launch), Apollo 13 as a vehicle for space-travelling to Moon and back, “was made up of two independent spacecraft joined by a tunnel: [Moon-orbiter] Odyssey, and [Moon-lander] Aquarius. The crew lived in Odyssey on the journey to the moon.” A technical defect in the vehicle resulted in a number of deficiencies and dangers for the crew. With help from Earth-base-supplied information, the crew resorted to living in Aquarius for several days, travelling around Moon and back toward Earth, then re-entry to Earth via Aquarius, all alive.

If that seems almost implausible, consider that other launch in 1975, when two sets of territorial domains with crew(s) aboard began as per a single manual laden with languishing dialectical challenges, then to re-interpret, to court alternatives and re-plot their course.

Apollo of Greco-Roman mythology seemed a name of suitable attribution, conglomerating “music, truth, prophesy, healing, light, …poetry and more.” Technologies and contributions brought the vehicle Apollo to ‘splashdown’ with safety for crew aboard, culminating from combination of careful planning, acute appreciation and accurate assessment.

An ‘Age of Aquarius’ (a song), already of 1969, burst forth as popular acclaim in refrain, with aspiration of virtues not as mysterious as mythology, fuelling expectation by yearning rhythmically. Evidential verification has yet to be determinate of actual effect (if any) of upward lift of craft by varieties of vibrations, yet belief in the cause and conduct of the Moon flight, seemed vindicated by safe (if scary) passage for the crew.

Defects in apparatus were troublesome but tackled with brilliance, boldness and as a body of crew.

With a craft of two domains, a journey enthusiastically enjoined, a crew of considerable capability and worth, bolstering not bothering is a much appreciated skill and attribute as was with Apollo 13.

So of P and G with crew, one vehicle. That deemed urban and that rural, life is to be sustained in both.
That crew aboard has operational imperatives, that seeming in support, still is influential at best.

Only in fiction can the Independent State of PNG be likened to virtues of craft apace in April 1970.

It pains me to say it but democracy will only work where everyone is truthfully informed and equally franchised. Clearly this is not so in PNG.

The vast majority of PNG people are disenfranchised as they are disconnected from any logical alternative to an ever approaching dictatorship of the educated and informed elite.

This internal situation is aided and abetted by external forces who clearly are comfortable with the status quo and are profiting by it.

Those who can't see how this is happening must either be blinded by their own involvement or not bothered because they aren't informed and connected.

With all the best wishes in the world, can anyone really believe how this oncoming train wreck will not happen after this next general election?

So many comment on what is wrong but no one seems to have the answer as to how to lead the nation out of the quagmire it has been led into.

Primer 101, in governance:
A is for Alotau According
B is for Bridging badly
C is for Courting avoiding
D is for Defense highlanding
E is for Education exasperatings
F is for Foreign favourings
G is for Government debt-increasing
...but you guessed, there is more...

so when will voters cast for higher gradings?

It seems the law of the country does bot apply to the prime minister and the MPs.

Peter O'Neill has ruined the fabric of this country to a degree where it will take time to rebuild the economy and the laws. He fails to account for most of the sensitive issues in which he is implicated.

He runs the country in a reverse direction.

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