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30 June 2017


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I'm not sure that lamb flaps are as unhealthy as people make out Lindsay. Compared to a hamburger, for instance, they probably come up better. Over consumption, as in everything else, is another matter of course.

Those deep fried flour balls that the kids eat must be positively toxic. And I'm not sure that Wopa biscuits aren't toxic too. As for what's in a tin of Ox & Palm - who knows?

PNGs once had a paleo diet, the same one that is being lauded as healthy in Australia and despite the flack from the captive dietitians is probably still the best option.

One of the reasons for the rise of unhealthy fast food and convenient food in the west is because the capitalists have got the whole family so busily working they haven't got time to prepare meals any more.

Where it counts, Phil. Epidemiology seems to be a methodology for ascertaining "dominant disease vectors", so counting of numbers and with hope to counter this or that ill. As each target is countered, and possibly reduced, more are encountered as 'next'.

Next for what? Opportunity and advantage arrive where humans discern it might count in their own creative use of talent and even 'talismanship'. For those who do not know, reliance on a 'something that apparently has magic power', might offer a best option of need and more than a want.

Exchange customarily enables but these days in PNG, kina counting and transacting is expedient, both for the needy and for the nefarious 'at the door of laissez-faire capitalism'. But let's not pause or stumble at entry or border.

Is it of medicine or of mercantilism to which attach the epithet 'capitalist-style'? Well and good is a vitality of discussing systems of governance. Well and good, folk are informed, so by no dude duped nor by duke deceived. Well and good no foist, no impost, no meatless flap contagion uncounted and un-countered.

Sadly, in much of PNG, by few avenues of aid post are medical supplies arriving. Backing away from 'rural remote constructs' of medical aid, may have begun as policy, concealed, in mid 1970s. The crowning collapse of 'what existed prior to independence' is in fact of bare and base reality evidenced at empty shelves at hospitals.

No number of knighthoods, earldoms and countships will curb corruption where not countered by courageous citizenship, by curtailment of criminal activity and by courtly cutting counterfeit democracy. Ain't from covet of Cuba, ain't of crave on capitalism, ain't of countries compared, it is of PNGers, assessing, advocating, aligning, altruistically accepting advantage of 'neighbourliness' as 'next' of assent and ascent to love.

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