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30 June 2017


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Social media and technolgical advances have ruined the young genrations ability to spel and granmar.

Gotta watch those journos Keith - a lot of them can't spell and think that grammar is short for grandmother.

Not just in PNG either. Have you noticed how the Sydney Morning Herald is full of typos these days? Apparently they sacked all their editors. They'll soon be as bad as Murdoch's rags.

And other strange things are happening, like the dropping of adverbs and prepositions. Something doesn't happen 'on 1st July' any more, it happens '1 July'.

I think that clause in paragraph two should be "to report without fear or favour" [not "with"].

Or maybe reporting with fear and favour is the Melanesian Way.

I guess the well of lost causes will be stirring with the prospect of a new government.

The original quote was as published but, to avoid any representation that reporting should be any more fearful and favouring than some journalists practice, I've taken the liberty of amending it - KJ

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