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24 June 2017


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Portuguese pioneer de Menezes
portolan pencilled, drew to New Guinea
portended enterprise eighteen two six [1826]
portioned partly of now Indonesia.

Port Mosbi later place twenty seventeen [2017]
portico principal proper entry
portentous, practising democratic
portfiring prodigious mind of people.

Port trait, erst prototype protectorate
portrayed as colony post-dependence
porterage pains from each portfolio
portal’s population protestation.

Portly pollies ply ploy past prudency
portraiting images pictorial
portering policies said pertinent
portably reachably believably.

Port you guessed of city plainly at edge
portending property pomposity
porte cochère as if deigns prosperity
portative poorly as distributive.

Port’s posey primed pollies ply words at best
portent post electoral bargains yet
porously acquittals missed unhindered
potent of vote demotes ways rescinded.

Portioning places remote from said port
poorer prospects pertain than folk say ought
portering prices and polls as betrayals
potently voter routs rebound as snorts.

portolan: book of charts for ships
porte cochère: porch large enough for vehicles
posey: pretentious

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