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21 June 2017


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Perhaps altruistic payback Ed.

Until recently I got back to PNG quite regularly so the contact has been pretty much maintained.

I got a shock when I first went back in the 1990s and saw all the razor wire and security but got over that fairly quickly after I'd got out of Mosbi and into the villages.

Well said, Phil. But is what you, Keith and others do just or simply 'altruism', or is it a form of payback to a land and people who gave so much to you? I certainly see my paltry efforts as a form of payback and a means of maintaining a connection with PNG.

Thank you, Phil. Very much appreciated.

I'm always happy to answer questions about the progress of My Walk to Equality - email:

Very excited about the upcoming Sunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival 2017. Will have some more information for PNG Attitude readers soon.

Noken tingting olgeta taim long yu yet tasol.

I can't help myself with those alt-right words Baka. I had a hell of a time weeding them out of the Inspector Metau novels. It's a result of my long love affair with language I think.

By the way, we've got someone to cut my firewood and carry my water in our new abode (sorry, home) - my daughter. And she knows what we're up to and is happy to do it. Makes life so much more pleasant.

Kaim o , Daniel. Toktok em tru na i kisim mi long bun stret.

I too am looking down to publish my 7th and 8th novellas in due course and have similar experiences like yourself. I think PNG hath no love for books or those who propagate reasons for another to love to read.

Nonetheless my writings try to capture a time in my life growing up in the village. I returned to the village after a long spell out of it and don't see people in the village doing the things I used to do when there as a child. So in the anecdotes, I try to recreate these scenes.

In Antics of Alonaa v1, which can be downloaded from Kindle or Amazon's e-books, young Alonaa recaptures all bush hikes and picnics at the river with a few silly things village children did (including me). Times are changing and children don't engage themselves in the very things I did then. It is my desire that I want to record these experiences of myself in the stories or these time frames are lost for ever.

That is my protagonist, a desire to capture a space in time. It provides me the energy to waste away my time trying to write nothings in a dirty looking notebook. I know there is no money in it and by all reckoning a futile attempt. But like I said in an early comment, somewhere over the sea, the moon is shining. One day it will shine on us in PNG.

And Phil, the word altruism plays heavy on the tongue, it sounds like alt-right. If it cannot roll off easily on the tongue, then it is a hard word for us and hard to know what it means lexical-ly and in practice. We would like to think ego and selfish are easier sounding words and easy to do.

The doing thing that you describe was never a concept in the village, it was a way of life. We broke firewood and fetched water for our lapuns and made sure their beds were besides the best spots by the fire. We did a lot more than that but you get the picture. Wish we could do that for the yous, JK's and Eb's. We'd do that without that alt-right word.

And to all our friends, until we do find someone like the Rowlingson girl (mama bilong Harry Potter) from the PNG writers, we ask those and ourselves who find that alt-right word hard to say to then pull down our glasses and look double at those who practise the alt-right word for our PNG benefactors.

Currently please - nogut glass i pundaun natin - nogat asua yet.

I have just found out how Dr Wayne W Dyer became a successful author through his memoir, ‘I Can See Clearly Now’.

I bought his book at the second hand bookshop here in Wabag.

The title of Dr Dyer’s book was similar to my own book ‘I Can See My Country Clearly Now’, so I bought it out of curiosity to find out what he was seeing that was clear to him now.

I found out he had purchased all the first edition copies of his first book and sold them all himself while marketing it in the newspapers and radio stations.

This forced his publishers to print a second edition and so on it went until he became a successful and bestselling author.

He was even paid an advance of over a million dollars for his later books.

But that was in America where the literacy rate is very high.

PNG cannot possibly compare with America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK or other developed countries.

It’s very hard for PNG authors to be successful. There is no market here among an illiterate population.

I have published three books so far and currently working on my fourth book which I hope to publish next month in July.

I have made a big loss. I gave many copies away free and still have a box full of unsold copies.

But why am I publishing a fourth book?

Like I have said in commentary recently, I will keep on writing in the hope that PNG will be inhabited by a literate population one day who might care to read what I write down today.

In writing and publishing books in PNG, there is no market and you can't make money here.

PNG institutions wants free books rather than buying one or in bulk.

There is no money once a new book is published.

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