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09 June 2017


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EMTV reports 18/6/2017: "Pascoe Kase said that medicines have arrived already in PNG and medical suppliers are beginning to supply them."

Unbelievable? Media consumables, but scarce medical consumables?

Days before impending 2017 election, and still yet no show?

What is amazing, EMTV even mentioned it as a 'well-we-told-you' item, buried as line 13.

Now, mounting at services delivery is reportedly interrupted by lack of monetary provision. See in The National:

"Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority…Public health director Benson Safi told the crowd … the authority did not have money to buy medicine for the hospital."

These will be difficult days for much of PNG Highlands.

Response from Health Secretary Pascoe Kase? Belabouringly...

Will Highland folk be pleased to hear of supply of medical kits to health centres and aid posts? Which of these facilities remain operational and for what scope?

Will Highland folk buy Kase's diversionary comment, "five suppliers had been picked for a six-month trial"?

A very sad reality everywhere. I am in Nomane now and went to the health centre and was told there is no medicine to treat our sick people in this most remote part of PNG.

We must change this very bad government.

On report, as being fixed,

colt on the course
bolted off course
haltered pay purse
hadn’t seen wreak
hastened dearth
bothered folk worse
cometh on weak.
jolted by nurse
justified terse
halting disperse
holdings of lurks
haemorrhage perks
got of no works
gottens for jerks.
collared regrouped
chastened rebuked
doltish or duped
doled less of coup
dosed a reverse
corralled as coarse
colt warned from course.

Devastating outcomes from a failed public service provoking no response from the medically, well attended, officials in charge.

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