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28 June 2017


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Social media should act as a tool of communication passing useful information to the people. But what we have noticed is that negative posts and propaganda is what is trending a lot creating tension and bad blood among the people. Politicians have also taken advantage of this to spread hate and divide citizens. Not a good show and use of a very useful communication tool. God bless countries in their electioneering period before, during and after.

I was hoping to exit stage right on a high note Paul but it looks like that won't be the case.

When you and I were younger Phil, PNG used to be governed by so called 'outside men'.

True, we were part of that outsider government but those of us who stayed anytime longer than two years developed an 'insiders' views and knowledge.

Political leaders in Australia can never share this knowledge or this understanding due to their inability to walk along the same tracks as we did then and talk to the real PNG people in their villages. Our views today are therefore coloured by our experience yet even we suffer from being Kipling's proverbial 'betwix and between' syndrome.

What we are seeing in PNG today is a classic mismatch of culture and ideology. We who had that outsider's view tend to wonder why, if it worked previously when we ran the exercise, why doesn't it work today?

Those PNG people, and the majority are under 25, who do not share our perspective and do not have in many cases, their grandparents experience of the previous Australian Administration, have only what they are being told or can see is the norm. Yet what is the 'Norm' for PNG?

Due to the perceptions of other 'outsiders' who demanded Australia institute a totally foreign system of government and then cut the country loose, we now have a classic example of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. No amount of force will cause a successful completion of the exercise without extensive damage to both.

So does it help to try and fix the problem at the village level or at the elected level after a flawed election? Human history says neither will work.

What is happening in Africa today is what will happen in PNG tomorrow. Italy has finally woken up to the fact that single countries and their inept leaders can't possibly understand or deal with the magnitude of world disasters like over population, drought and subsequent famine.

Yet our leaders still desperately try to convince us they know what to do when the evidence clearly shows they don't. Either they actually believe they are in control or they have become puppets of their own delusion.

The whole world is about the suffer what seems likely to be an extensive, ongoing challenge before the lessons of history have yet again to be learnt.

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