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28 June 2017


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Thanks for this Keith,

The Old Man in the final story’ The Old Man, his Wife and the Young Girl’ represents all generous people who have started not for profit charity organizations everywhere.

As a journalist, I had benefitted a lot from four such generous organizations spread across the world. I met the founders or their siblings passionately run those organizations to the present time.

I benefitted from the Thomson Foundation which was based in Cardiff, Wales in the UK in 1989. It had been started by a Canadian businessman, Lord Thomson of Fleet.

I met Bob Meyers, current president of The Washington DC based National Press Foundation during the 2008, 17th International Aids Conference in Mexico City.

I met Jonathan Friendly and his late mum Jean Friendly in 1991 when I won a scholarship to the US in 1991. Washington Post journalist the late Alfred Friendly had started the scheme which continues to benefit journalists from all over the world.

It has now been renamed Alfred Friendly Press Partners. I met late David Nalle, the first Executive Director and still in contact with current one, John Reed.

In September, 2016, I met CEO of Paga Hill Development Company,Gudmundur Fridriksson and Professor Ken McKinnon who started the McKinnon-Paga Hill Fellowship Scheme which took me to the Brisbane Writers Festival.

Professor Ken McKinnon was the first director of Education during the Australian Colonial Administration period.

I admired all these individuals who had established these organizations which continue to benefit journalists and writers from all over the world.

I decided the main character in the story; The Old Man, His wife and the Young Girl’ should be somebody like these generous gentleman with warm hearts and willing to give freely and much love for humanity.

“More chapters will be written about the work started by The Old Man as his love for humanity continues to flow ‘like a river down in the valley’ keeping the vegetation lush and green as it makes its way over and beyond the horizon.”

Part of the quoate is taken from a love letter The Old Man wrote to his wife when they were young students attending the University of Papua New Guinea.

The original letter was donated to the Enga Taik Anda’ (House of Wisdom) or Cultural Centre for all to see.

Thanks Keith for your info on Daniel’s latest book.
Details of availability etc. please.

I guess most of us who lived quite a few years in PNG could, with sadness, tell tales of some of the nasty, tragic things we have seen in the lives of ladies of the country.

Being married to a bride in matrilineal New Ireland it eventually dawned on me that my whiteness was not a problem for her clan or tribe as after all the tribal or even nationality of her children’s father was not really important because their raison d’etre was being of her clan.

I often felt that unlike in patrilineal systems elsewhere in PNG, as New Ireland husbands we were almost 2nd class citizens compared to our women folk. Mind that might have been because of my poor rural life skills.

As a balance to the worst treatments of women that I saw I can also recall some beaut ladies who achieved despite the inherent handicaps of being a female.

In the gender game you could say I am biased because I only have seven daughters…much to the disgust of my friends in the Gogodala who wanted to give me his twelfth son.

‘A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. A woman must do what he can’t' - Rhonda Hansome

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