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19 May 2017


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Many people in PNG do not read so it's unfortunate good thought-provoking educational pieces like this won’t reach our people until the day when most of our people are literate.

Right now, Enga Province is quiet. No election related violence yet except an incident up in Sirunki where the Prime Minister was not allowed to speak on the grandstand prepared for him. He ‘escaped’ to the Sirunki Lodge and delivered his speech there.

A few days later, the proprietor of Sirunki Lodge, Yasow Kome, died. The next day his brother, the Region 3 Gutnius Lutheran Church bishop also died.

Some people blamed the deaths on sorcery. One woman was reportedly killed and three others were tortured.

On the whole, the province is very quiet. Serious campaigning appears to be done underground – house to house perhaps.

I hear no serious debates on national issues or such other campaign platforms except good music on the loud hailers on the campaign vehicles that pass through Wabag Town.

'Choose carefully, power is power' is one statement I occasionally hear accompanied by the music.

Perhaps I must go to the very next public rally and hear what a current member of parliament or an intending candidate has to say.

If there is no rally in town until polling day arrives, it will be interesting to see what the people decided.

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