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14 May 2017


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PNG journalists must expect the worst all the time. Every year hundreds of reporters are killed, maimed or imprisoned worldwide.

Last year 74 were killed. Most died reporting on war, corruption, politics, crime and human rights in that order.

PNG is riddled with tribal war, corruption, bad goverance and human rights issues.

Keep reporting the way you do Neville Choi, Bethanie Harriman, Scott Waide and fellow journalists of the media industry.

And do not fear anyone. Arm yourself with the truth and move forward.

Staying strong, staying united and speaking for a free democracy should be our motto from now on.


go ahead and press charges against the culprit, and push it further and see what the politician will do!

If you don't do anything, supporters and campaign managers will think it is OK to assault others including the media during the elections.

When a candidates supporters behave like arse-wipes the reason is readily obvious.

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