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16 May 2017


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Yes please, Sir Mek! Salvage this sinking ship with like-minded MPs after the elections but please do it once and for all.

Every five years, people go to the polls hoping they have influenced a positive direction for the country, only to be disappointed soon after when the dust settles.

Figuratively speaking, I am yawning already. I am tired (literally) of the mediocracy and convenience fronts that people put up after every election, to justify the pillage, destruction, and undermining of democratic institutions, and the principles and values that underpin them!

We want permanent, lasting change for the last time.

Hi Keith - Just clarifying that I am not the author of that post but was just sharing a viral Facebook post.

Thanks for sharing Martyn - name now removed. I should have guessed, not your style at all - KJ

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