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29 May 2017


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There is a long list of reports that are the results of extensive investigations and once received, have been shelved for want of any obvious intention of acting on them.

The Barnett Report was a classic example. The Report on government finances was another and the list goes on.

It seems successive PNG governments commission investigations but then fail to act on the recommendations primarily because those who initiated the report are often the very people who are involved in the problem.

Clearly it has become the 'modus operandi' of those who don't want any action to declare a review or investigation without any intention of acting on whatever is disclosed. Is this because those who are implicated actually believe they won't be found out or is it because they are just using the exercise to delay or defer any resolution.

Non actionable investigations have become a recognised and practical way of preventing any real action against corruption. I remember Peter O'Neill promising if he was elected he would pursue an Anti Corruption Task Force yet when he did so, he then closed it down when he himself was to be questioned about illegal payments.

How will Sam Basil therefore guarantee he will act on any corruption investigation he initiates if he is successful at the next general election and the Pangu Pati can form a government?

If he is part of a government that contains any who may have been part of a corrupt process in the past, surely they will work to undermine Basil's intentions?

I have previously suggested a 'sunset and sunrise' clause in initiating future corruption investigations. Perhaps using this suggestion might assist people like the present Minister without portfolio but previous Finance Minister Pruaitch in coming forward and providing extensive details about what they and he knows about the last 5 years of government finances?

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