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28 May 2017


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Resonant of many, Governor Gary Juffa urges that PNG folk be not those "suppressed so that their innovative spirit is colonised."

Resonating similarly, Tanya Zeriga-Alone describes earlier lifestyle of "fierce warriors who from hostile tribes" but which "eventually succumbed to the colonial powers", if only by tactic of choice.

Reasoning that folk "develop their own resources", including and also more than, that of "their land", is a leadership call by Governor Gary. Firstly it is a call to 'arms', arms and hands that do work, not largess on the labour of others. Then too, is a call to go beyond existing objectives and frameworks. How so? is the question about to arise.

Reading Governor Gary's call, what learning, what tools, what effort is needed? Example long past, was in learning "of the colonial" and with tools "of the colonial". Utility of the colonial is also in example of effort expended by the colonial. No glib ‘game on’ by Governor Gary, in a Province pounded in 1940s both by ‘colonisers’ and by ‘no-doubt-would-be-colonisers’ aggressively proving their points.

Really, no quick fix, of curtailing colonisers, his is for PNG people to more cleverly and courtly accomplish.

I like this!

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