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12 May 2017


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The Post Courier reports that Treasurer Pruaitch has been sacked but still kept in the Cabinet ans a Minister without portfolio.

O'Neill has now taken over the Treasury responsibility so we now know where all this extra election money is coming from.

and another calamity. Apparently the PNG Treasury sold it's old notes to overseas buyers (instead of destroying them), but its reported the consignment has been stolen and the notes are now being found in circulation again. People are being asked to check the numbers on their notes to see if they are holding the old currency??????

I suspect that the O'Neill government doesn't actually know the answers to Sir Mek's questions.

The government has been behaving like a desperate gambler, robbing Peter to pay Paul and losing track of all its clever little ploys along the way.

Sorting this mess out, let alone fixing it, is going to be a mammoth task.

It's probably time to declare PNG bankrupt and call in the administrators.

The most important consideration in this upcoming election is not the list compiled by Sir Mekere but whether or not the majority of voters who will elect the next parliament understand what these facts mean to them?

As Phil has pointed out, many PNG people are almost totally disconnected from the cash economy. If the rural health system isn't working, the village schools aren't staffed, the roads are falling apart and they have to fall back on their own resources, what's new?

The only reason cargo and money cults are followed is because they promise a better life. Isn't that what all politicians seem to be promising except perhaps in time of war ("I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat!" - Churchill in WW2)

Have those in the know been sufficiently able to explain what has been happening to the PNG economy and who is obviously responsible?

Has the PNG media been effective in informing their listeners and readers?

If the answer to these two questions is 'No', then the results of the election will remain the same as they were before and the vast bulk of voters will again complain about things for the next five years of which they have again relinquished control over.

Peter O'Neill attitude towards the economy of the country is too rude and he has abused and misused much of the process and procedures to safeguard the economy.

He borrowed more than what is expected and in the years to come the country will face a lot financial problems to repay the debts.

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