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22 May 2017


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For some reason Amazon sticks with UPS. I've told them on numerous occasions that the service sucks. They once sent several consignments of books for PNG to Indonesia. "We thought PNG was part of Indonesia" was the excuse. I guess there has been some lucky person in Jakarta reading good PNG literature.

I've now given up sending books to PNG, lost too many.

Thanks Phil. Will email them now. I ordered my books and paid for priority airfreight. Been tracking it on UPS. It took 3 days to get from Colombia to Sydney. The last update was 'Departure Scan: Botany, Au' on 23/03/2018. Four (4) days now and there's no update like 'Arrival Scan: Pom'. I think DHL is more efficient...

Try this email address Jordan:

Mark the email for the attention of Ray Castro.

The agent is Express Freight Management, Scratchley Road, Badili 121 NCD. Tel 675 321 2185.

Boss was Ray when I last had to follow up a missing order - very helpful but under siege.

Any contact email address for the UPS agent in Port Moresby. Need to check up on my books.

My wife and I have for every year since 1986, sent boxes of clothes, toys, kitchenware etc to our family, village friends and other relatives in Moresby, Goroka and Madang. We stopped this about 4 years ago when we realized that PNG customs or post office workers were helping themselves to these boxes and our people were only receiving partial shipments and a number disappeared. It did not matter if we registered and paid for the quickest and most secure method available to us in Australia, stuff still went missing. Oh, I forgot to mention that it was taking upwards of 2 months for anything to get through.
Shame really, yet another sign of internal decay!

Immensely tragic. Any veneer of magic in postal procedure now stripped from civility.

Criminally haemorrhagic diminishing of community, culture, custom and commerce.

Yet if 'past the post' is not now a 'winner' (all so post Post), what now to succeed?

Is fault in transmission of substance such a barrier that transmission of thought is subverted?

My saga began with my email on Saturday 20140927.

I have two daughters living in New Ireland but have found it very hard to send letters to them as neither has a post office box.

One lives away from the nearest Post Office and cannot travel to it in bad weather or when no dinghies are travelling.

If she asks friends who live in a town to use their PO Box the mail goes missing. The other is a teacher and I have never found using the PO Box for the Education Department gets mail to her rural school.

Can I send mail from UK using Poste Restante service?
I await your reply

Thank you
Arthur Williams

Had helpful quick email reply from Amos Tepi, Chief Operations Officer | Operations Department Contacts: Landline: +(675) 3053711 | Mobile: +(675) 72042001

20141105 I sent Royal Mail tracked letter to daughter in Kavieng. It got tracked to Moresby Mail centre but stuck there so I emailed Amos and got same day email reply from him.

After that the Tracker service at UK’s Royal Mail kept saying is being processed in Moresby. Over weeks I contacted Amos several times as letter still not received and he sent some urgent memos to POM Mail Centre staffers.

Then on Jan 24 2015, 80 days after paying for tracked mail, Amos emailed me to says it had arrived in Kavieng.

Very sadly I have given up sending any mail to PNG and only send cash transfers for birthdays, Xmas or ‘on demand’.

KJ appreciate this article from PF. My experience for my six boxes that came via Freight Management Service all the way from USA.

FMS were good. Once Amazon issues the tracker codes, I could follow on-line wherever the shipment was.

These tracker codes are amazing. I posted from Ottawa Canada (somewhere to the east of Canada, two copies of my books, a bilum and a packet of coffee to my daughter's namesake in Vancouver on the western coast of Canada and passed on the tracker codes by email. The recipient called on the second morning to say the package was delivered a few minutes ago.

She tracked it online and sat out on the pouch in the morning waiting for the postman. It can do wonders for our post offices if they can appreciate and use the tracking codes.

Now back to my shipment of books, I only had Customs Duty issues and that is another story in the making. It costs about the same in duty as the costs of each book for me until I got the Commissioner to review the duty and a lesser sum was fixed as duty. The law dictate this review process. My delivery had by then cost me a good sizable storage fee.

We cant win it all, can we.

The books travel via freight companies rather than the PNG postal 'service'.

In Jimmy's case the UPS agent in Moresby handed them on to TNT for the ride up to Goroka about two weeks ago.

DHL is by far the most reliable freight service in PNG but we don't get a choice and have to run with whoever Amazon uses.

I've told them how bad UPS is in PNG and they've promised a review.

Having said that, the UPS agent in Moresby has always been very helpful. Unfortunately they are only one cog in the farting and pissing machine.

PNG is still the land of dohore.

"On a wing and a prayer" might describe their mail system.

I received a letter from Port Moresby that had a Kainantu postmark on it. At least it did eventually arrive.

Personal hand delivery is the only way to go.

I am amazed that you could find anyone to ship to PNG. Amazon would not because the stuff was not delivered. Even more amazed that you thought the package would arrive.

PNG Post has improved. It was only a decade ago that it was insolvent. How could you bankrupt a monopoly postal service?

I well recall the warehouse in Lae with hundreds of thousands of pieces of undelivered mail dating back many, many years.

Looks like we are back to the future.

The saga of Jimmy's books would make a good novel, Francis.

The UPS agent in Port Moresby has no idea what happened to the first batch but has been able to locate the replacement batch.

It's currently undergoing passage through a complicated process of form filling and authorisation. They tried to explain it to me but I was lost in a plethora of bureaucratic acronyms.

Whether it makes it to Goroka in one piece is in the lap of the gods. There are a lot of crooks to negotiate past.

Thanks Phil for bringing to delight the dilemma that we have faced on several occasions. Currently the replacement order for Jimmy Awagl's books have not arrived in Goroka and there is no doubt that the boxes are sitting somewhere in Port Moresby. Really bad.

Seriously depressing, Phil ....

Sad, indeed, Phil that no one who has the authority to do so has bothered to mitigate the situation in this and the hundreds of other such similar cases that are par for the contemporary course.

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