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29 May 2017


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Those who cast votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything-Joseph Stalin

In the village, I see it. OK, it’s misspelled and they have me as Baga not Baka and I’m listed under my surname and my family are listed and lost there under my surname….

KJ - that bit should read under my name. I am listed with a 'gg' under Bina. My wiife and children are listed under 'Bagga'

The rolls are updated by village recorders who will write down the names as they here it and not as you would spell it. that 2017 roll is full of such simple errors and again will be a task trying to put faces to names when it is all alphabetically written.

My council ward consists of 8 villagers and I hardly know some of my wantokples who live in village 6,7 and 8. come polling day it will be a hassle with all of them for a place on the line to voting.

It will work out, sorry for my negativity here and the best of our systems come out at times like this. It should be a lesson learnt to correct future events but we don't, it occurs again.

I hope the national ID can go ahead full steam in 2018 so that the 2022 election is by ID and postal votes can be a reality.

Thanks Lindsay, let this be added to the annals of our history that it was mentioned by we all collectively cowered away from owning up to it.

Daniel thanks for the support and yeah, walk away is the best thing to do on days like that.

It's a game where too few have courage to comment, let alone call out.
Both Baka and Baga ought to be congratulated for courage and example.

I haven't seen this years common roll yet.

In 2012, my family members were listed both in Wabag town and in the village rolls. But I can't blame them. People know its about 'numbers' in PNG.

The more names you have on a list, the more royalty payments you receive from the company, the more bags of rice you receive during times of natural disaster, the more funds you will receive from the government, the more lamb flaps or cash if you 'give' votes to a candidate.

And the more chances a political party has to get the numbers to form the next government.

I believe half the names on the common rolls are duplicates, deceased and ghost (fake) names.

Electoral Commission officials and the people of PNG need to get real.

They must not elect members of parliament to lead an electorate with half the voters being imaginary people.

Adding dead people's names, ghost names and double names on the common roll is corrupt.

The blood of PNG will always be on people who use their small pens to encourage such practises and a curse on the politicians who get elected as a result.

My advice, Baka, is not to waste the airfare money. You will need every penny of it for your family in these tough economic times.

And to other people, if your name is not on the roll don't argue and fight at the booth. Just walk away.

I haven't seen many people who voted multiple times go to Port Moresby to live with the member in his house.

They remain in the village to eat kaukau while the politician will come home after five years to 'use' them again.

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