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02 May 2017


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We have some very credible Papua New Guineans in Sir Mekere Morauta, General Jerry Singirok and Sir Arnold Amet contesting this election.

I pray that their constituents support and vote them to parliament to lead and inspire young leaders for a better PNG.

These 'good' candidates should get together under the one banner and work as a united front.

Perhaps Pangu would be an appropriate place given its historical past?

How refreshing to hear these words from an achiever, someone whose background achievements identify him as person with a capacity to tackle an almost impossible task.

Compare him to individuals who have spent many years in the political arena, using their contacts and power to foster their own business interests usually to the detriment of the people.

How about those candidates whose shady background is well known to everyone, but their bluster and threats look to shutdown any opposition against them getting back onto the public teat so as they can get their snouts in the govt money trough again!

Perhaps a particular candidate standing for Madang should refer to the saying "pot calling the kettle black" that has some relevance to his background.

There are some excellent candidates throwing their hats into the ring this time around, Jerry Singirok among them.

Whether they get elected is an entirely different matter.

Go General, go for it. PNG needs you and men like Sir Mekere Mourata. Save our beloved country from insanity.

I briefly met people like late Tony Siaguru, President Momis, Sir John Kaputin and a few others. My first impression of them was that they were simple ordinary people.

PNG needs simple honest leaders.

And I can identify myself with you Jerry. I also like planting trees. I have started harvesting some I planted back in 1975 to build a trade store and a family home in the village. I hope to convert it to a guest house if the economy ever improves one day.

Now who was it that said: 'He who throws mud loses ground?'

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