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17 May 2017


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Adventure tourism. Nothing beyond usual unexpectedness.
Gotta think the metalware was A) not weapon grade, B) not complete for projectiles, C) not loaded with projectiles, D) replicas only, E) kids water pistols, F) we're still writing press releases. If not (supplier not named) then try another till it blows over.

The ABC has reported more information last night:

It appears CoP Baki has employed these people to train RPNGC personnel in the use of high powered weapons as the Australian police refuse to do this?

Reportedly, these people have already participated in police raids.

Exactly what is their diplomatic standing and authority?

Imitation 'cowboy's'would be more appropriate methinks.

Sir Mekere seems to be saying what we are all thinking: Lau kamanai LAS.'

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