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15 May 2017


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I don't know how Dutton can survive. But the responsibility goes back to Morrison (an evangelical 'Christian' from Shirelive) and before that Rudd/Gillard (who sold out their principles for political expediency).

Confidential documents from inside Australia’s offshore detention centre on Manus Island reveal bleak and brutal conditions inside, including persistently high rates of self-harm, repeated suicide attempts, regular violent and sexual assaults, and warnings of an emerging culture of drug use by staff and detainees.

Incident reports obtained by the Guardian show that on several occasions, four men in detention on Manus have attempted suicide and self-harm in a single day. In one week, 16 self-harm and suicide attempts were recorded by authorities.

This is appalling.

For more than a year, camp managers and security staff have waged a campaign to make Australia’s detention centre for refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island as inhospitable as possible, leaked documents reveal.

A plan drafted in early 2016 outlines moves to coerce those recognised as refugees into leaving the detention centre and accepting resettlement in Papua New Guinea, while pushing asylum seekers to abandon their protection claims and return home.

Does anyone believe a word that Dutton has to say about the Australian detention centres on Manus and Naru? He should have been sacked long before now for lying to parliament and the public.

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