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17 May 2017


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If the PM can break laws, by pass due process and can even lie publicly over issues of national importance, what else do you expect from his disciples? They are following their master and basically doing the same. seems like we won't go no where as a nation if the current leadership remains.

Such an arrangement reportedly for K7 million requires NEC deliberation.

It needed to be vetted by the CSTB, and other stakeholders such as APEC partners needed to be consulted to ensure if similar assistance could be provided, almost free of charge.

The Police Department is one of the most problematic public institutions in the country. If Baki was to be proactive and acted as a leader, he could have come up with a better proposal to address serious issues within the constabulary.

Please enough of cooking up reasons and explanations after explanations, to undermine a serious matter that is now the talk on social media and the mainstream media.

Research done over the internet by educated and serious Papua New Guineans have shown that the company has no extended length of experiences in providing such services internationally and was registered with the PNG IPA recently.

This is a joke, but still a very serious matter for the country. Will Baki be sacked? Will he resign now given such a blunder compromising national security and sovereignty of the country?

Most unlikely, given previous cases of serious nature, the wrongdoers normally go free.

PNG is fast turning into a banana republic.

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